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Lightroom Premium

Lightroom Pro APK is a Free Photo Editing and Color correction Software Application Tool for Android Smartphone. Adobe Lightroom Helps Photographers to enhance their Photography with advanced color presets, Effects, and other certain tools.

V7.1.1 | 144.20 MB

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Its Ai Powered Editor’s choice in the Google Play Store. Take your photography to the next level with Lightroom Premium! It is one of the best photo editing app that will make your photos look extremely great. Edit Portrait & Selfies with better than Natural depth of Feel. Now no need to have a PC for Photographers, The Lightroom Premium Mod APK Download link is here for Free.

  • Auto-add photos to Adobe Creative Cloud to synchronize.
  • Geometry tab including upright, Guided Upright Geometry Slider feature.
  • Showcase your pictures online with seamless synchronization, even with any editing.
  • Easy search: auto-detection to add tags based on the circumstances of the photo.
  • Backup your photos with Lightroom Premium Apk on Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Google Assistant and find matching photos (Note: it requires Android Marshmallow or later).
  • Now, during export, you can add your own custom watermarks.
  • Improved control over shares in the Lightroom CC Web.
  • Bugs are fixed, now exporting takes a little less time as compared to earlier.
  • No ads.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 2GB RAM
  • 1GB Internal Storage
  • Works on root/no-root devices.


V7.0.0 | 147.20 MB

V6.4.0 | 117.20 MB

V6.3.0 | 96.20 MB

V6.2.0 | 78.24 MB

V6.1.0 | 92.24 MB